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Do people on Italki understand that this is a language learning site and not a dating site?!

I think Italki is a great site to learn languages but some people don't seem to understand that it is not a site for dating and messaging girls. What do you think? Is it being used in the right way? 



Trolls are every where. I realized that some men registered as female in italki. Honestly, I don't know why. My advice is ignore them and if he insiste to bother you then report him.

I  think  most  people  from all over  the world  use italki  this great  site  to  learn  new language  .

some of    them write  their  essay  use  the new  language  and  ask  for  help.  some of  them help people make comments on  and  correct  their    grammer  mistike.

maybe  there  are  also  someone  else  use this  web  as a  dating place.

Before I registered on here, this was the first think I heard about this site, that people use it more as a dating site. Turns out that this is true...If you don't have the money to pay someone who will chat with you in English, the other choice is- talk dirty in English. Ehh...There are still some awesome people who are willing to help though.

Maybe there are some people use italki to date others. But I only know the main reason I come here is learning a language. That is enough.

i cant agree with the opinion about italki is being a dating site,because most of people here is nice,they talk to someone who can help themself while offer the help for people who need to learn other language。


That happen in everywhere I find people very nice for talk and anothers for partner languages, and anothers I need block and report because FLIRT, that is a reallity inst just on italki, ignore and block them


It's none of your business, Dutch man. Do you want to tell her what to do and what not to do? Who do you think yourself are?


And what you've said is a resoponse from a society where men and women are not. Moreover, Are you talking about the Egyptian society?!


Does it matter? Personally, I joined this site to improve my second language acquistion skills. However, if there are people who wish to socialize and have the good fortune to meet someone and develop a friendship, then that's a good thing for them. Let's not forget that is a free membership site.


Sorry this happened to you. I have had many female language partners and usually most inbox me first and we keep it strictly professional during our exchanges as we are here to learn a language.

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