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The weather is good!


Who's planning a barbecue for next weekend?  What will you cook?



I am not good at barbecue . I usually burn it. Anyhow, Kabab would be awesome.

I was not planning a barbeque, but it's a good idea! I love meat! Some calabrese sausages with some french fries and it will be great!

I'm not having a barbacue next week but I am going to sunbathe on the beach!

The weather is good, but I just go to the snackbar and eat some fries with mayonnaise, when I don't want to cook, and that's when the days are long and hot. So, if someone invites me to a barbecue, I will come :)

you must try an argentinian asado! :)

Maybe I will be cooking pork ribs, I love it.

I ussually over fire barbecue because I use coal to roast it. I have to cut the black one before eating it! Though it tastes good, but I don't feel comfortable. Worrying about being cancer. How could I cook without making it black?


Shine, there should be no flames, just hot embers before you put the meat over the fire.  


Here, in eastern Europe we cook shaslik.


I don't do barbecue

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