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Is English widely spoken in Singapore?

Out of cuirousity, I searched Singapore and found that English is official alongside Mandarin Tamil and Malay. So now I wonder, what is the most common. Is English widely understood. and Can an American get around the town using English roadsigns?




Yep! You'll have no problem with English in Singapore. :)


I just left Singapore after living there for 3 years. Roads signs are in English. Most people speak English, though sometimes not very well and with a strong accent. Some taxi drivers speak poor English but many speak reasonable English. Bus drivers often do not speak much English. Taxis are cheap and, given the hot and humid climate, a good way to get round.


English is spoken by some with a thick foreign accent, not native like, but they can mix it with other languages called SINGLISH


Singapore was a British colony up until the end of WW2, so, Americans have no worries with communicating with Singaporeans.

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