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What the most popular idioms in English language nowadays?



That is a very broad question. Can you narrow it down a bit? What subject would you like idioms on?

Some about characters or situations of people. For example in russian we have one ridiculous idiom. "Toad sat on the throat"- it is mean when person have wish and money on their realization, but greed inside him so strong, that he will not allow to himself spend money on this wish. :)

there are loads of idioms nowadays but : .Piece of cake ..Hit on some one / some body I hear these like every day :))

I'm not a native English speaker but I've noticed that "come on" is used a lot


"that's sick" (for things you like)

That's the only modern one that anyoone has mentioned!

Pain in the neck. Golden hand-shake. Couch potato. Black sheep. Corodile tears. In a nutshell. Raining cats and dogs. Easy going. light hearted. 

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