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How can we make Arabic Language commonly spoken around the world, in your view ?





The question of making Arabic a widely spoken language is probably tied up with the question of diglossia,  a phenomenon that causes fragmentation of language in Arabic world. In England we never had that we had bilingualism with French for some 300 years, but there was something like it in Italy. By the time of the early renaissance Florence was an important cultural centre and it's language became more than just another dialect, yet it took political union and participation of the population of the whole Italian peninsular to produce an Italian language. i'm really saying you need political union.

I'm not sure about some people who still have problems in the Arabic script and its phonemes. However, I think it should be presented in a new and better way starting from the Qur'anic language learning as its motivation, free classes at mosques and practical standard Arabic conversations as a trend. Besides, the Arabic mass media and pocket electronic dictionaries are some of the new approaches to encourage people to use and understand the Arabic language.


every languages are beautiful in their own way! the point is to communicate ! There is no need to take effort to make any language commonly spoken! I just go with the flow! and I also love to experience the beauty of arabic.

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