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Learning Article : 哎! Informal Chinese Interjections (Part 1)


Discuss the Article : 哎! Informal Chinese Interjections (Part 1)

哎! Informal Chinese Interjections (Part 1)

In Chinese, we use informal interjections in many situations to express how we feel before we start a sentence. Some words may be confusing to non-native Chinese speakers. In this article, we will look at 啊, 哎, 唉, 哎呀, and 噢 .




I have seen all of these before, but I didn't know the meanings in detail. Thank you for the article! What are the differences between 哦、喔、and 噢?


@ JasmineEnglishTime: Hi Jasmine, thank you for your interest in my article. Italki just publised my second part for Chinese Informal Interjections. And I did a video about all these words. I will post it here after I uploaded to youtube. When you learn to understand these injections, try not to care about the characters, but to understand its tones, and its meaning in it. When you watch the video, you will find it easier to understand :)

谢谢您, 我正好找了这些字


Thank you so much!  This is great and extremely helpful... I have heard some of these in conversation, but never seen a detailed explanation with tones and meanings.

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