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What language are more intersthing for you


Hello everything ok ?


This is top 10:


1st. Mandarin - million in 1051 - China, Malaysia and Taiwan.
2nd. Hindi - 565 million - India, north and central regions.
3rd. English - 545 million - U.S., UK, Part of Oceania.
4th. Spanish - 450 million - Spain and the Americas.
5th. Arabic - 246 million - Middle East, Arabia, North Africa.
6th. Portuguese - 218 million - Brazil, Portugal, Angola.
7th. Bengali - 171 million - Bangladesh, Northeast India.
8th. Russian - 145 million - Russia and Central Asia.
9th. French - 130 million - France, Canada, West and Central Africa.
10th. Japanese - 127 million - Japan


You have interst in any language of top 10?



Most of them.


oh really? so you will learn how much you can?



I have to include English, since it is what I teach. That would be pretty hard if I hated it. Besides that, I am very interested in Russian and Arabic, which I have studied a little, and I really enjoy hearing Manderin and Japanese. I am developing an interest in Spanish, as it is a popular language where I live.


I hear is the 2nd language must spoken in USA :) after english ofc.


Well was ok if you hated english :)

Arabic looks hard to talk they use a lot of the "nose" when they talk looks like if they stop breathe.

I'm learning Russian and Ukrainian at same time, and I wish you lucky in languages you are learning, I think you need a lot of work because they are completly differents

No, I can't. I don't think I'm going to study anything more than English and Spanish in my life, but if I could I really would like to know Russian, Arabic and Japanese too.

For me is English because you can use it in wny country, it's not necessary to learn the language of the country that you visit, with English you can communicate with people.

From the top 10, I'm interested in Japanese..

I like English too.I have been study English since I was a 6-year-old girl.  



Did you know, that Spanish has a lot of similarity with other popular languages ?

For example, it has 89% with Portuguese, 82% with Italian and 75% with French.

I'd sort languages not by amount of speakers, but by territory size. English is spoken almost everywhere, so it's first language, Spanish and Arabic are spoken in a lot of countries and huge territory. Bengali is spoken by a lot of people but on very small territory, only one country and not so touristic and developed, so only a few people learn it.

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