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Is anyone waiting for game of thrones chapter tonight?

I'm a fan of game of thrones and love to speak about it 



what is it about ? I also like videogames but I haven't heard about that one.

It's a tv show, presented by HBO actually it is really popular. It's on season 4 and I can assure you won't regret watching it, most gamers I know watch this. xD As the title says it's a game OF THRONES, there are many realms and something unexpected happens in every chapter.

hahhaha excuse me, I thoght that was a videogame, I'll watch a chapter unless... 

It was such a good Episode! Tyrions monologue was amazing! What was your favorite part of the episode?

Joel go go watch all of them :P haha sorry it wasn't a videogame

Gama  :DD so happy you watched it too, it let me speechless... his monologue was amazing but most of all his face, his expressions. My favorite part was definetly when... wow I can't even come with a favorite part, can't wait til sunday night :/

Yeah haha that episode is defintley my favorite so far!! I felt so sad during the whole trial! Especially when Shae spoke, he looked totally broken :(. I'm excited for the next episode too so much can happen! Have you read the books?

you are right specially that part ,she wanted revenge but -.- kind of hated her for a moment, she is totally lost, doesn't know what she's doing... he loves her, why is everything so hard to him?  :(  

No, I haven't... have u?

I know! He did what he had to do to save her and she betrays him... Oh well we'll see how it turns out next episode. I started reading the first book when I first started watching the series but I stopped to catch up with show and havent picked up the book since haha, I'll try to finish it after this season maybe haha

It wasn't very good one... The only one episode I liked was Tyrion's one. Other epidoder of this chapter were empty and boring : no Jon , no Sansa-Petyr .... 

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