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how about study far from their hometown of university students?


         university students have lots of problem. Their life is complex so much side.we can range some problems such as money,accommodation besides lonelines problem. As you know all of them should be negative effect over their life

        As everyone most of students go to another place for studying. This situation have result both possitive and negative ones.It's clear that possitive sides of that rarely is support by many parents.however most of poeple focus on negative side of that topic. According to me university students may be much problem new studying place.Becasuse firstly someone need more know about value,transportation,some preciously costoms of that area as much as possible. All of them can easy their life. It's clear that they learn to living themselves in spite of far from their family. They live alone a little time until new friends meet in their that term.I think it should be hard for most of students even advanturely. They must be more carefully new living. They take helping neithir parents nor brothers or sisters in addition to old friends who live their hometown. Their is lonelines as if they are support by thier family as well as old friends.

     As a result,in my opinion university students can try useful experiences too if they have right section.



I think that study away from home is a great experience, but, if you want to go other country, you need money, but this reason a lot of people can't go to at others countries.


yeh right. money is important for going to another country. 

hi guys.. 
i was thinking of living in exeter while studying in plymouth university campus.. its an hours distance but i was wondering if thats okay? i mean i can afford to travel but i just wanted to know wht you guys think?


For me who always dream about studying overseas. I will take all the risk. I will be happy with all my decision. :D

if u add some punctuations,the essay will be better to far as i'm concerned ,the loneness is the biggest problem.sometimes,i can't undertake it,but it doesn't mean i 'm a loser,just emoutional

Life is not a fairy tale.

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