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Do you eat Rice for Breakfast?

If not.. What do you usually have for breakfast?



Muesli and yoghurt

bread and milk...I usually wake up with no hunger.

Rice noo.  Cheese, olive, egg, honey, butter, cucumber, tomatoes, pepper, bread, tea.

I have a toast with jam and oil or butter, cofee and sometimes orange juice.

My breakfast is bread with cheese and ham or butter with tea or milk with cereals :D

Usually cereal with milk, sometimes toast.

I like quinoa with cinnamon and milk, also add frozen bluberries to it.

cheese, tomatoes pumpernickel and green tea.


Nothing fancy here in Ukraine.

But from experience, most nutritious breakfasts I've ever had was Moroccan. 

Bread, pancakes, eggs, jams, mint tea - you can easily survive most of the day on that.


I don't always eat the same thing for breakfast. I actually ate rice for breakfast this morning, with napa kimchi, natto, and Japanese pickled cabbage. It usually depends on what is in the kitchen and how hungry I am when I wake up. Sometimes I eat a giant salad with kale, spinach, and other vegetables, or I might eat toast with honey, an egg, and some fruit. Sometimes I might make oatmeal with fruit and maybe a little peanut butter, or have a bowl of cold cereal with milk. On rare occasions, I might eat pancakes or waffles. I usually drink tea or coffee with my breakfast.

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