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Learning German


I speak English and Portuguese. And I want to know how hard is German? Do you think I can achieve a B2 level in two years? I am studying German to study in Germany for one year. The faster I learn the better. What do you recommend me to learn faster?




Thank you. I know it is not easy! But I have one hour free every day to study german, maybe, with a lot of practicing!


So it is more hard that I thought. Thank you, I will see what I can do to achieve so high goals.

If you want to learn faster then find a language partner. This way you can improve your speaking and learn the correct pronunciation. You can also get help if you have any question. Then you should watch German films and read (for example fairy tales). There are also German courses offered by Deutsche Welle. I think one hour per day is not enough for attaining the level of B2. Good luck!


Ah yeah. I saw the other discussion. I check out  the deutsch welle courses. Thank you for the advices. I will try to listen to german music, watch movies in German, practice conversation and learn the grammar and vocabulary every day. So I will divide my studying time which will be more than an hour, if I can listen and speak German in my spare time. 


Luana, ich spreche ein bisschen Deutsch, und ich kann Ihnen sagen, dass es schwerer ist als die Portugiesisch, zumindest für mich. Ich denke, es ist wichtig, jeden Tag,ein wenig lernen ständig schreiben und sprechen mit den Freunden. Zum Beispil schreibe ich einen kleinen Text in Deutsch, senden Sie ihn an einem Freund via Skype, und dann diskutieren wir über meinen Text und die Fehler, die ich gemacht habe. Es hilft mir wirklich beim Lernen.

Querida Luana, se precisa mais explicações, estou à sua disposião.

Abraços. Kamenko


Obrigada Kamenko. Bom, eu acredito que alemão seja realmente mais difícil do que o Português, mas eu preciso de praticar mesmo todo dia , igual você falou! Tenho tentado entrar mais em contato com o idioma todos os dias. Obrigada pelo conselho, e espero em breve podermos conversar em alemão também. ahhaha



i think too improve germen the best way too read news paper and take conversation with the peoples and dicuss about major issue from which you improve you skilss 


If I may add a comment as someone who is currently learning German, I think 2 years sounds like a huge amount of time. Let me explain my own learning situation to explain my answer.


Although I had some previous experience with the language at school (2 years), I left knowing almost nothing because it was not a useful method of learning for me. I then studied using audio courses, from time to time over 2 years, but wasn't really serious so didn't make any progress. 


I recently set myself the goal of being at B2 level by October and have been studying much more seriously, and most importantly much more intelligently. Next week I'll have a routine of speaking the language 5 days out of 7, some of which will have lessons, so I'll know what to work on.


So I'm aiming for B2 level in 5 months. And why not? I believe I can achieve it and I've set out to make it possible, so I think you could easily get to that level in 2 years, though I'd suggest a dealine that is nearer and make your goals both specific and achievable.

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