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The holiday

I heard that Europe have a lot of holiday , people work there almost free for half year? That's great . In China we only have over one month free day in total. Huge disparity. In that case i should try my best to work in Europe :p,any way does it same in America?



Usually two weeks of vacation and ten paid holidays for a total of one month in the USA. 

Where I work, we have Earned Time Off (ETO).  You "earn" a fragment of an hour off for every hour you work.  The longer you work there, the larger this fragment is.  I currently earn about 1 day (8 hours) of ETO for every 80 hour pay period (two 40 hour weeks).  I can then spend the ETO for vacations and holidays.  (My employer recognizes 6 official holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  These six days are included in the math of how much ETO we earn per hour, so we have to spend ETO for holidays.  It takes new employees a bit of time to understand how it works and realize that their not getting cheated.)

We also have to spend ETO for the first two days of any "sick time" event.  I disagree with this policy, since I feel it encourages employees to come to work sick (rather than spend their ETO).  If we're sick for 3 days or more, our 96 hours of yearly "sick time" is used.  Plus, we have to go to the doctor and get a note stating we can come back to work.  (Most people don't want to spend the money to go to the doctor, so people have to be eallysick to miss three days of work.)

So, my situation is much like xarmanta stated, except I get the equivalent of two weeks (10 business days + 4 weekend days) vacation and only 6 paid holidays.





* people have to be really sick to miss three days of work.


Ah,so that's true

Work there can have half year free.


22 days free for year in almost of European countries, and I hear in Norway you have 22 days and you can skip a day every 15 days without medical almost of countries you enter for work 07h/08 and you leave 17h30 more or less, all jobs have some exceptions we don't have half year free...some persons have more than 1/2 jobs for survive


so you have 60 days free* the normals 22 days and the anothers every 15 days if you want enjoy this advantage

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