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Top X Things you want to change in italki?

As for me,

-I would like to change the thumb up and down . I think it become useless since we have people with many accounts so they may misuse it.

-I would like to follow my comments in others' entries.




What about you?




i want a key "answer"

I want the ability to edit comments and corrections.

Mentions from other person in discussions.


I like what the 3 ladies say and how I'm tutor is a little annoying for me see allways a number in my BELL tell me next lesson, before I saw it in schedule and a total of numbers of lessons upcoming, now I have allways number 1 that is annoying, and before was green and now red.

Sometimes we made mistake and we can't edit it...

Well up and down I think is normal is like facebook, but I think people just should be allow 1 acc for person and put a system for detect more than 1 acc for be more fair.

I think they should put chat again ^^ they remove chat and don't know when put again, I think chat is more useful for some situations than always send msg...

I think also how we can search teachers/tutors and partners of languages maybe we can have option so see the students...


For over a service of pizza hut :p

@Irene: What do you mean by "key answer"?

@Susan612: Most of us dreams about having the ability to edit our comments :)

@Norsuraya: did you mean a red notification ? or do you want to get notification when people mention your name in discssions?

@Sophia: About thumbs up and down , maybe we should know who gives us a vote to minimize the misuse in this option. Anyhow,I like what you write :)


God bless pizza hut  ;)

1. The default browser setting should be changed from 0 to all, so that entries voted down could be viewed as well as entries that are voted up or have a net vote tally of zero. No notebook entry here should be allowed to be buried with thumb down votes.

2. An edit and delete function for user's comments so that the user can correct his/her own comments made on another user's notebook entries.

3. A noteook comment delete function so that a user can delete unwanted comments that he/she does not like which has been given to his/her notebook entry.

4. A birthday calendar so users can follow his/her friends' birthdays.

5. Restore the audio recording function so users can get corrections and feedback on their pronunciation.

6. Open up a discussion section where there is freedom of political and religious speech. The itaki users who become annoyed by political or religious discussion, could easily be forewarned about the topic of conversation here and easily choose to avoid the political and religious section page on itaki. Discussions posted in the freedom of speech section should not be deleted because of their political or religious content.

@Steveh: nice thoughts :) All of it are brillent especially the first one and the last one. I would like to add that people who participate such kind of discussions should be fully aware about the ethics of debate in order to make a fruitfull discussions. I mean we shouldn't let any kind of insult or distorted informations.



Ayad, I would agree that personal insults should never be tolerated.  I suppose that is where my 3rd point would come into play and be utilized. 

I mean I want to get notification when people mention my name in discussions.  :)

@Steveh : I see what you mean :)

@Norsuraya : It would be like FB. Anyhow, it is good suggestion.

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