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Top X Things you want to change in italki?

As for me,

-I would like to change the thumb up and down . I think it become useless since we have people with many accounts so they may misuse it.

-I would like to follow my comments in others' entries.




What about you?




i want a key "answer"

I want the ability to edit comments and corrections.

Mentions from other person in discussions.


I like what the 3 ladies say and how I'm tutor is a little annoying for me see allways a number in my BELL tell me next lesson, before I saw it in schedule and a total of numbers of lessons upcoming, now I have allways number 1 that is annoying, and before was green and now red.

Sometimes we made mistake and we can't edit it...

Well up and down I think is normal is like facebook, but I think people just should be allow 1 acc for person and put a system for detect more than 1 acc for be more fair.

I think they should put chat again ^^ they remove chat and don't know when put again, I think chat is more useful for some situations than always send msg...

I think also how we can search teachers/tutors and partners of languages maybe we can have option so see the students...


For over a service of pizza hut :p

@Irene: What do you mean by "key answer"?

@Susan612: Most of us dreams about having the ability to edit our comments :)

@Norsuraya: did you mean a red notification ? or do you want to get notification when people mention your name in discssions?

@Sophia: About thumbs up and down , maybe we should know who gives us a vote to minimize the misuse in this option. Anyhow,I like what you write :)


God bless pizza hut  ;)

@Steveh: nice thoughts :) All of it are brillent especially the first one and the last one. I would like to add that people who participate such kind of discussions should be fully aware about the ethics of debate in order to make a fruitfull discussions. I mean we shouldn't let any kind of insult or distorted informations.



I mean I want to get notification when people mention my name in discussions.  :)

@Steveh : I see what you mean :)

@Norsuraya : It would be like FB. Anyhow, it is good suggestion.

My ideas are:


1. edit/delete your posts

2. chat

3. quote another post to reply

4. a wall similar to facebook to comment in your profile

5. insert videos on youtube or a picture.



Hi Ayad,

I think there should also be a separate notebook entry site for those students who wish to have their corrections done by a professional.  It has come to my attention that many serious learners are being corrected incorrectly.

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