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what is your favour korea song?

i realised that all my korea song are out-date. it's time to import some new song into me korea song collection.

wonder if you guys can share some latest k pop to me.

thanks in advance, have a nice day. ♥



Hi! I'm CBLUE and BTOB's fan.Their latest songs are:


CNBLUE : 1) Can't stop

                  2) Diamond girl

                  3) Cold love

                  4) Sleepless night

                  5) Love is...

                  6) Like a child


BTOB: 1)Beep beep

            2) 끝난 건가요

            3) 여보세요

            4) Hello mello

            5) 끝나지 않을 (melody)

나도!! i love c.n blue..

as fot btob, never heard thier song. since u recomment, i will listen it... thanks girl...

Really? So you are a BOICE too? Haha~ nice too meet you.. btw you're welcome ^_^

Hi Im Primadona. umm, FT Island not release new song. but the newest is Madly. :)
umm I love BTS too. :*

Flower by Yong Junhyung


Miss Kim and Babay by Zion.t


Let's Talk About You by M.I.B


Yum Yum Yum by Lipservice


Something by TVXQ


Domino Game by Kiss&Cry


There's too many to list.

Moonlight -EXO

thank you to all of you. Sorry that I have been busy, just have sometime tologin and saw a lot of comment.. thank you very much.. <3



2NE1 - Come Back Home

Seungri - Gotta Talk to You

hello, please check Taeyang's new songs, "1AM" and "Eyes, Nose, Lips".. you will love them kkkkkkkkkkkk

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