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Would you like to listen to Japanese music?


Have you ever listened to any Japanese music? To be honest, I myself don`t listen to it usually, but there is one that I want to introduce this time. 


I`m sure that some of you might already listened to them. Here it is.



Nightmare,  the band that recorded a overture song for Death Note, I've heard and I really liked it.


Thank you Renato Arantes san, 


Yeah I know what Death Note is, but I`m not sure about the song of it. I`ll listen to it. 


Thank you.


Hello everybody, Last time I introduced the band "Goose House". 


Today, I really recommend that you should listen to this song "Otononaruhouhe", the song of Silver Spoon, one of the most famous Japanese animations. 

Big fan,LOVE AKB


Yeah there are tons of fans of AKB out there in Japan or even all over the world. 

I love mongol 800. Chisai no koi uta.

Like any other otaku, I love anime soundtracks while it's my sister who introduced me to boybands.  We don't mind watching Music Station together. ^_^


Thank you Stan san and Green san, 


It`s the first time to hear the name of the song. 


Me,too. I like the soundtrack of any kinds of anime too. 


Hope you find more and more Japanese music.

はい。i listen to モニーグ娘。

Hello Tatsu san,


Thank you for introdusing some new music I've never listened. They sound very sunny... what a contrast to the weather outside the window! :) Thank you again!


I'm a great fan of Japanese music. It started with Miyavi and it seems that I'll never stop to discover something new. Huh... of course, there are plenty of music in Russia and all over the world, and quite a good music. I just love to hear Japanese language in my headphones.


By the way, the one of groups I've recently discovered to myself is called Plastic Tree. Just in case that somebody would like to check ;)


Have a nice day!

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