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Hi, everyone. My English friend and I have been making videos teaching Chinese to beginners as a little project. We'd appreciate it if people could take a look and give us feedback (positive or negative) here or under the video(s). We particularly want to hear from people who have never learnt Chinese before, whether or not you plan to, but any feedback is welcome. The channel is at:

And the first video is: Lesson 1 - To Love Singular Pronouns

We plan to add a lesson every two days, if people find them useful. The lessons are a course for complete beginners. We will build vocabulary and grammar slowly, continue to use past vocabulary and give plenty of opportunities in each video for you to take part in translating yourself as I believe taking part is more effective than just watching.




it's really good , i can't wait for the next lesson 

I find it awesome! I began learning Chinese a few weeks ago and interestingly, my own way of listing Chinese words is the very same you use in your videos. I'm relieved to see that!

I'm looking forward to your next videos. Keep up the good work! 祝你好运!


Thank you, 헤란아. The next lesson will come soon. : )

Thanks,vándor. I'm happy you like our video and it can give some for your Chinese learning. We will put the next video soon. : )

My dear partner Matt, Thank for helping me answer my vistors. : D 

you have skype to learn


it ws really awesome

Thanks! Tagore : )

It's amazing :)

If you think this is a good idea, please comment and thumbs up so more people see and tell your friends. :)

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