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Classical Latin

Does anyone here study Classical Latin?




I used to study it by myself, but I couldn't find anyone with whom I could chat!  The Pope lives a bit far away from me =P

I also study it by myself, and it has so far been pretty hard for me to do it all on my own without anyone with whom to discuss the progress that I'm making, or the difficulties that I'm encountering in studying it. So perhaps you might want to join me in a virtual club of lonesome students of Latin...



Have you ever checked any of the forums?



@SINA Many thanks for the link.

Sure, it would be cool! Try to read some Ceasar?


I will return to studying Latin in the future I think...At the moment I'm already trying to take on too much (learning German, and trying to maintain French and Chinese!).


It was tremendously useful to have already learnt the case system in Latin when I started to learn German!!  So, learning Latin provides boons to learning languages outside the Romance family as well!

@adrian But the case system in German is not nearly as intricate as that in Latin, which, in turn, is somewhat less "baroque" than that in Greek.

@Bruce When it comes to teaching materials, I'm pretty good, too; but when it comes to likely interlocutors with whom to interact with on all things Greek or Latin, I'm yet to find anyone willing / eager to talk with me about it.

There are a few, I guess. But what exactly do you mean by classical latin, I wonder?

@ivar What is usually meant by that term. The language of Latin literature.

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