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Travels and jobs!

I think traveling is one of the best things in life. Do you know any job where you can travel a lot? Pilots, air hostess...¿?  

Do you like a job where you have to travel or you prefer travel just for holidays?





Yes it`s possible when you work as an animator, disigner, illustrator (freelancer). If you have a family its more difficult.

I know about one russian guy who works on Bali with her wife. 

I love travel, one of my dreams is travel some countries like Uruguay, Canada, United States, India or Norway. I also visited to France three years ago. But my future job will not allow me to travel too, I am study Philosophy and I love it but... I think that I just will travel at holidays! hahaha

i love travelling , i love being of the backpackeres and write about my exprience  for taravel magezine and such as these things but not for makeing money and stable Job . . . 

i dunno how i love travelin' in each cases are amazing ^_^

But the moment I am in the same situation as Coral, I only travel on Holiday... For this reason would be great work in a job where you can travel. Designer freelance have good luck, they can work in any place. And animators and writers for travel magazine are very interesting too. To be backpacker is a great experience. I went to Europe like backpacker last summer and was amazing! When you back at home you are very tired but, it is worth. 

I've visited other countries by working as a TEFL teacher.

Yeah, work teaching your own language is a good job too...
did you like the experience?

I agree, traveling is amazing. I'm working as a developer and in my area it's seems very factible the possibility of traveling. Actually, I'm in a work trip right now

some people are just lucky!! hehe, enjoy your trip!

you have many options:

- try to get a working visa (new zealand would be on top of my list for this)

- Volunteer (some organisations let you volunteer for free, others demand fees. The latter ones are more comfortable and organised)

- study abroad

- WOOFFing (working on a farm for food and a roof)

- House sitting (live in someones house when they are away)

- couchsurfing (travel cheaply)


Yes definitely, here is a list of career with a lot of traveling:

-Flight attendant


-Corp. Executives

-Event coordinators

-Social workers

-Fashion designers

-Civil servants

-ESL English teachers /International school teachers

-International Aid Worker


I'm a fashion designer and an entrepreneur, traveling is very needed at least 3 times a month between countries, and airplaines became my taxi now Lol! 

Traveling is very eye opening for sure :)

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