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Learning Article : The Significance of the Japanese Word Mottainai


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The Significance of the Japanese Word Mottainai

Have you ever heard the common Japanese phrase もったいない mottainai? I find myself using it almost every day. It is very important and if you haven’t yet heard this expression, we will learn about it in this article...




It is a good but very difficult expression to translate it to Russian. In each example that you told it we use different expressions.

Небережливо, расточительно, не заслуженный, не достойный etc.

My mother told to my daughter when she broke a new good pen "Надолго ль собаке блин!". 


I liked this article a lot.  Could you put hiragana for the kanji, though, please and thank you?  Very interesting in-depth explanation of a word I've heard before but didn't realise was so full of other meanings.


Thank you for your comment ! I put hiragana.



りょうり     のこ


「病院で  2時間も待った。時間がもったいない」

びょういん じかん ま    じかん


こんな素敵な人、あなたには もったいない

    すてき ひと

たいしたことないのに、彼はいつももったいぶって (もったいつけて) 話す。


              かれ                         はな


:)  Thank you...


In English, we have a similar phrase: waste not want not. However, this is used just for material things and does not have the depth of meaning of もったいない。It means to only want or take what you can use.

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