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About hope...

I'd like to set up a discussion about hope. When a person is liveing in adversity, what do you think is the important thing for that person?



very optimistic word. Better to avoid it. 

I think that its important for that person to be patient, and to know that adversities is temporary and will not last forever ,most of people pass hard times during their life.

Thank you for your comments. That' right, a person living in adversity requires inspiration to help him get out of the adversity situation; and being patient to wait for opportunities.

If the word hope is important, it should be backed by deeds. Hope is a word usually used by people who sit on the sideline and wait for problems to work themselves out. Make things happen.

i think it may be family love . if i was  in the slump i would think about my family and that encourage me .

He should never give up hope as long as he is alive.

if I was in adversity, what I wanna myself to remeber is no one can replace me to experience this but myself. definately encouragement from families and friends make me strong, but it is I that will get through all of this, and it is I that will benitif from this suffering experience. 

Inspiration and motivation, hope will come after or even simultaneously. I think, we - as a human beings - have abilities to create our life whatever we like. Unfortunately - we have also abilities to destroy whatever we want. Motivation and inspiration can put us on a proper direction. 

Hi, Radek, and Cindy, thanks for your comments. what you said is absolutely right, that it, to be or not to be is up to ourself to make disicion, and fight back when we are living in adversity.  And actions are more important than optimistic word or ambitious speeches, like Mewe said, if the word hope is important, it should be backed by deeds.

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