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Vietnamese: What is the meaning of "ngàn tinh tú lấp lánh vì sao"

"Nhìn lên trên trời cao, ngàn tinh tú lấp lánh vì sao"


I get this meaning by Google Translation as "Look up in the sky, thousands of twinkling stars",
but each meaning of the following words I get is as


tinh tú: elite
vì sao: why


what are the proper meanings of the above two words???


Song: Nếu Em Không Về



Hello Onishi, 


There are 3 things I want to explain to you:

1. Literally, "tinh tú" and "vì sao" is "stars". However, "tinh tú" sounds more poem than "vì sao". 


2. Your "elite" means "tinh túy", not "tinh tú"

3. "vì sao" has 2 meanings: 1. star (n) 2. why. They are homonymous.

  Depending on situation and sentence, you can understand each meaning.

 Example: Trên trời có nhiều vì sao. ("Vì sao" is a noun here, means "stars").

              Vì sao bạn lại đến trễ? - why are you late? (" Vì sao" is a word to question now, means "why").


Well, hope it helps. If you still have more questions, feel free to contact me.


Thank you for your clear explanation!

you r welcome ^_^

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