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iTalki - more Cantonese informal tutors

Hi iTalki,


Is there any chance of encouraging more Cantonese speakers from Hong Kong to become informal tutors?


There are only two at the moment, I believe. 






I'm a bilingual speaker (Cantonese, Mandarin and English) from Hong Kong and would be glad to help. ;)


Hello :) I search and I found 4 teachers and 19 tutors of Cantonese :)

Sophia - yes, but they're mostly from China. The Cantonese from Hong Kong and the Mainland are quite different, and I'm looking for HK Cantonese. :)


Hong Kong is in China, Hong Kong and Macao just signed "1 country 2 systems" and the Cantonese are official languages in Hong Kong and Macao, but I think now exist more persons from HK teaching Cantonese. I wish you lucky in your sought :)


Posting an ad on some HK online forum will make you get the local tutors easily. Good luck.


( By the way, learners would take "Guangzhou accent" and " HongKong accent" as standard Cantonese. There are minor differences in accent and vocabulary among both accent.


Maybe the most different is between English influence on HongKong Cantonese, and Mandarin influence on mainland Cantonese.)



Hi Olly,

Perhaps you might want to talk to those (HK) Cantonese language partners to see if there's a chance for them to become an informal tutor?



There's quite  a lot!

i am a cantonese teacher and i further my edtucation in hk,i want to practice my QQ:286789942,wechat:constance0320,skype:pybpyb0320

Like what Mei said above, "Guangzhou Cantonese" and "HongKong Cantonese" are both considered as the standard Cantonese as they are almost the same.

As Guangzhou is right next to Hongkong, Guangzhou people take Hongkong as their weeked-trip-destination, not to mention Guangzhou people are growing up with Hongkong TV Chanels, so in most situation, even both Guangzhou people and Hongkong people cannot tell which is which.

So my adive is, you can seek for people from Guangzhou to be your Cantonese language partners, it's the same.



hi, I live in hong kong and I am learning cantonese as well. I agree with you that it is hard to find a tutor who actually grew up in hong kong . most of the tutor here are from china. I went to a language school in wan chai  though. I found it quite useful. mabe you can consider a local language school as another option to get more practice. good luck !

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