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How do you say ``thank you`` in your native language?

Tell the world how to speak your native language. First of all, say how it would be ''thank you'' in your native language. It would be interesting to know something new. Also you can tell us words which you want but in your native language. 

I will start. In Ukrainian ''thank you'' would be ''дякую''. ( by english letters it would be like that ''dyakuyu''.



Obrigado - Portuguese

in Arabic : thanks = شكرا = shukrn

Terima kasih - Indonesia. 

Sama-sama (Don't mention it/ You're welcome)

Chinese - 谢谢你 xiè xiè nǐ :)

In Serbian - hvala


Portuguese: Obrigada

Spanish: Gracias

Mirandes: oubrigada


Spanish: gracias

Russian: спасибо

In Thai we says Kob khun ka (girls)

Kob khun krub (boys) ขอบคุณค่ะ/ครับ

Spanish= Gracias

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