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What are you here for?


I've been here on Italky for some 3 weeks, I suppose. When I signed up my objective was to get so many language partners as to have opportunity for a each-day-English voice chat. What I've done is inviting many of you to language exchange or such a stuff. I wonder way on Earth you don't want to practice! Why is it so difficult to find somebody to have a skype chat? How can I entice you?


Or maybe, Italky isn't the right place for my purpose, is it?


Sorry for spelling and other mistakes:) I hope somebody may spot all of them and I'll correct them:)



well bro , you have to find the right people who want to learn and practice.

by the way, i already add your skype

Hi Darek. I'd like to help you but I'm learning English too. I'm speaking French. So I don't think I will be useful for you.

For me personally Italki is the right place to learn or to improve a foreign language.

Have a nice day :)

If you specificly demand an English native speaker, I can imagine the demand and supply is out of balance. Although English is a very much spoken language, native English speakers are still a minority in the world. 


No, I didn't mean the natives. Actually, I hired here two of them to help me. What I really meant is the English learners:)



  Fact #1  about human beings;  People are primarily selfish


   Fact #2  about human beings;  Charity is the exception.  People will care about you,

only if they have developed to the point where they understand caring about other people.


      A student of English would  practice with you in all probability, if there was an abundance of persons who knew it to be of benefit.  As  "EloquentWithRage"  indicates;  "Demand and supply are out of balance".


   Be patient though  Darek.  I think that the more you write discussion topics,  the more people will be familiar with you.   If it requires that you write a  similar complaint  every single week, that is exactly what you should do.  Eventually,  everyone will know about   "Darek" and "Mostafa"  and all of the others who are looking for practice partners.




Yes, there's something in it, Bruce. I'm a bit impatient indeed.


3 weeks are nothing Darek ;) Some of us here for years. Be patient 

Hello, Darek! I'm learning English too and I agree with you. I find really difficult to find English speakers. Mainly English speakers interested in learning my language. 


I'm a native English speaker and I can help you. I understand what you are coming from because I am learning Korean and Japanese and it is hard to find some to practice in those languages. 

Personally, italik is a good forum to find language partners for improving the language we learned, but you need to be patient. I have been here since March, 2014, and I got the skype acount of about 20 partners, but I just talk to less than 5 partners frequently. Also, I think if you want to make more friends here, you'd better take part in disccusions others started up, such as comments their disccustions.


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