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Bad things or Flaws of itlaki


1. Do not give any notification of comments, you have to go on that page again and again which is not cozy.

2. If sender deletes his message it neither shows in messages nor it remove from notice of messages.

3. Not shows whos is liking you comments.

4. Not shows who views your notebook entries.


What do say about that faults?




How about:  Being bad mouthed by another "teacher", and losing your Instant Tutoring position because a prospective client heard this and canceled.

Or receiving an Instant Tutoring request and being asked for a password???


what happen to you sir on italki?


Comandante:  I know that but how I do remove those messages notification who deleted by the senders?


Ok thanks sir.


exactly. i wanted to ask them actually! i thought maybe my account has some problems!

So far ...

- Not having the option of just sending a notification when there is a diffence of 30 mins / 1 hour with the last message.

- Not having a mobile app. 


Hi Awais,


I can't agree with all of your points, but by all means alert the italki admin to these issues.


For me, a notification for every event on italki is just too much. There used to be notifications for getting "best answer" but that's gone. I don't miss it. I assume the notification of comments is only for the creator of the post/text, and not for other commenters. I quite like it that way, because it tells me who clearly has too much time on their hands.


The same applies for likes and views. When you have well over 1000 followers, you too will be glad that you don't get a notification for such things.

It's quite difficult to find people who are willing to do a language and cultural exchange.



Hello Sir Peachey,

Now here in dicussion i receives notifications because I post the dicussion and I think you will not get any notification of this comment...:) you have to refresh this dicussion page or you have to come again to see comments of others.



According to me very hard to find native speakers they don't have time for you because they are busy in learning other languages, and for language exchange you regular partner to whom you can talk 15 to 20 minutes on daily basis. 


I thing previous version of Italki was much better.

I'd like to see if my friends writes a new notebook entry in my dashboard, otherwise I don't understand what "following" means!

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