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People on Italki

What's your opinion about people who don't put your photo on Italki or people who hide your face even if you talk with them in skype?

Could be dangerous? I'm afraid about that.



I think you mean 'His' instead of 'Your' in the question????

I'm one of those people, I don't put my photo, I would like to know your opinion.. great question by the way!

Anybody can be dangerous on the internet, even if they have a picture so we must always exercise caution and be careful. Maybe, whenever you meet someone new and give them your Skype information, you first get them to show their face, and if they don't, you should not be friends with them!

Nody, in my own opinion. It's not a problem if you want or don't want to put your photo in Italki.

The problem is when you have a conversation face to face. 

I agree with Paari's opinion.

More opinions, please!!!

In fact not all of them dangerous, may be they have thier own purpose, I can talk to you on skype "you as a girl" but i don't prefer with guys, cause it's not convenient and beside that I'm taking care of that especially I'm  Muslim.. it might be about relgion..

A photo doesn't neccesarily mean it's a photo of that person, so I don't pay much attention one way or the other. In fairness to some people, not everyone is comfortable with their looks or feels they may be judged unfairly if they have some handicap.


Over time, if someone contributes a lot, you get to know them pretty well by what they write and that's generally all I would care about.



I have been knowing a girl who stare at me online for a long time. She would steal and collect my photo on blog everywhere. I dont know how she found it but I think that is very stinky.

Now I got girls invitations every week on a date website but I have no time to answer them.

So I am getting  to choose that dont want to put photos on website and really I am lazy to take picture for myself.

And that is unpleasant girls doubt your photo and ask many strange questions

Is that true or not?

I think that because of they know very well how to fix photo on photoshop.

I think that if they refuse to have a videocall face to face with you, you can respect their choices, but it's ok to feel it's shady and interrupt contact.

Unless they are a muslim woman from Saudi Arabia whose local preacher (uhm, I forgot what's the term for the persons who interpret the quran's rules) say it's wrong, in that case it's understandable (but you still can hear their voice).

I hardly see the importance about showing your image on the internet. That is a very personal option, it is not necessary for doing a language exchange.

What's more, I can't see the danger about speaking with an estrange by the net if you don't share you personal details.


I dont see the danger in speaking with someone via voice only. For a language exchange, image is not really necessary; some people are just not comfortable speaking to strangers face to face at first. It might be helpful in some cases to see the gestures and body language but it is entirely possible to have a productive conversation without video. Now, if the person has their camera on but hides their face, in that case, yeah, I would agree it is a bit strange but maybe not dangerous. Sometimes people refrain from using video during calls because it slows down the connection, other times, they just feel more comfortable without it. It's a matter of personality and preferences, I suppose. I personally don't mind video chats, but most of my interlocutors prefer voice-only and I am ok with that.



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