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What it makes italki didn't allow some discussions of the member?

This is my second time to see someone's discussions is couldn't be found or couldn't be read after they shared it. As I am new here it makes me wonder what things that make italki didn't allow some discussion.



I don't even realise about that.

Why do they have to remove a question, they asked questions because bassically they don't have any idea about the subject that they asked,they just willing to know about it. Don't they think about that.

Discussions that refer to controversial topics are removed, like Russian/Ukraine conflict, terrorist acts and maybe some of religious topics. Beside that - this is a site for language learners/enthusiasts and I suppose topics similar to them will be deleted.

Some topics get deleted because it were reported or it violate the italki community rules. Sometimes, topics get deleted if their creaters were banned. Some topics are out of the catogary mentioned priviously like " Malaysian jetliner" or " lailat al qader" . I don't understand why the last one get deleted though. But, the rules are rules and people must obey.

I see, Thank you for commenting and giving me explanation everyone!

Steveh I do realise that italki is language learning website and I do totally agree with you  everyone should feel comfortable when learning languages and sure hateful words should never be used here or everywhere.

But since a lot of people here suggesting to learn English through songs not just from people here but also from some other sites and communities and I'm one of person who took that suggestion, I guees. I've ever asked the word 'N' because I was just willing to know about it without being racist or something. I found "that word" which is appears frequently in a song. And it's human nature to ask somebody else to fill in something to make them understand about it, In fact  I was asking 'the word' that obviously I know nothing which is soon I knew it as racist word and considered as a hate speech.

But by asking that, at least, now I am fully understand about the subject that I've ever asked  and more carefull with what would be shared in the future.

Matt, I have checked some topics you mentioned (cached pages)

76988... deleted becasue it contained personal Information, i.e., Skype ID 

Personal information like E-Mail address or Skype Id etc. can be posted in the profile as it is not public (cannot be searched through search engine). But these should not be posted in discussions etc. as these are public. I think the main Idea is to save the users from getting spam mails and requests.

76995  "if someone gave you a lot of money, what would you do with it ?"

This post may have been deleted because it is not related to language learning or culture. 

Further, topics about relgion and politics and political uprising (Ukraine) and wars (Gaza) are not allowed. Notebook entries, on the other hand, can be written on variety of topics as people write these for correction purpose.

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