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What places in South America you know or would like to know?

I'm brazilian and i'm interested in backpacking through South America. I want to meet others countries. It's cheap travel to meet to nature of countries how Argentina, Machu picchu, waterfalls, Peru, Hawai or places of Brazil how Minas Gerais, Amazônia, beachs.



And you?? Anyone interested in backpacking? Has anyone done backpacking? :)



I didn't mean Hawaii. Replace Caribbean. hahaha :P


I've been to Brazil and Argentina and I definitely prefer Brazil. My girlfriend is also Brazilian! The people are friendly there, a lot like Irish people in some ways.

what a nice coincidence!! ahahah just 9 days later l am gonna be in Brasil, Sao Paulo. Almost cant control my excitement :) well as a traveler who has done a lot of backpacking, l am planning to discover Foz do İguacu, Santos, Belo Horizonte-Minas Gerais, İtabira, Recife, Campinas, Rioooooooooo and maybe Amazônia...if l left enough time :)   And beside these places, l am curious about Argentine, Paraguay, Chile, Colombia..Colombian coffee <3 <3 

Oh. Some people said this to me. I agree :)

Amazing!!! I love to travel!! I love to enjoy people from others cultures... I'm planning to travel after of finish the college. Enjoy the journey Özlem!

Hi Cristina, your plan to backpacking in those countries sounds good, I hope it goes as you planned.


I know Peru quite well. There you can use dollars and soles as the official currency. Its expensive on hotels and clothes but not in food. A meal would cost you S/. 6 and are well served, you will enjoy their cuisine. If you wanted to visit Machu Pichu you have to go to Cusco. Its a safe city and is less expensive than Lima. Then, you would take a train at 3am to the Machu Pichu city and then a bus. Be aware of the expenses, train, bus and Machupichu entrance. Believe the price worth it :)  Also, you can go to Nazca, the images can only be seen in a helicopter (50 dollar?).


Enjoy your trip. :)

Thank you Jasmina. I'll need tips even! I'm gathering a group of friends to travel and I take the site to meet people and reliable and cheap places to stay. 



Machu Pichu, because it sounds exotic in my ears. :D

Also Brazil, because my roommate in university has ever been there, and she couldn't stop telling me about how awesome that place was.

Hi, I would like to travel to Brasil, to Perú and Argentina too. I would like meet people and her landscape.

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