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Why English is the international language?



Because it's the language spoken in the USA, which has been the richest and most powerful nation in the world for the last century or more. But this might change - in the future maybe Chinese, or another language, may take its place. Who knows?


1) The English set up successful colonies all around the world during the 1500's through the 1800's. There is a native English-speaking population on at least 5 continents: North America (USA and Canada); South America (Falkland Islands); Europe (United Kingdom); Africa (South Africa); and Australia. The only other language which comes close to this is Spanish. 2) English is the most important language of world commerce. If you want to be involved in the world banking system or international investments, you likely will need to learn English. Also, some of the world's biggest economies (and therefore consumer markets) are found in English-speaking countries. 3) English is being taught in many schools all around the world, from Germany to India to China. Taken as a whole, the world probably invests more time in learning English than any other language. That's tough for other languages to compete with. 4) So much academic research is done in English-speaking countries that you really need English for certain fields of science and technology. I'm sure that other things could also be added to this list as well. Love it or hate it, the difficult English language will continue to be the "world language" for some time to come.

imperialism, military and cultural.


Here's a joke. Or maybe it's not a joke. "English is today's lingua franca." If you don't get the joke, read the Wikipedia article, Wikipedia says this is a Japanese WIkipedia article on the same topic.リングワ・フランカ


Maybe I need to explain my joke. "Lingua franca" is the English phrase for "a language that is used among people who speak various different languages." So, The English phrase for "an international language" actually a phrase in Italian ...that actually refers to a language based on French. What this shows is how different languages have risen and fallen in importance over history.

Because British people move around all over the world.That is reason English language known to all.

Bcz  they are hungry  and imperialist  state


Because of what some people responded and also because it is an easy language to learn.

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