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What is the main food in your country when you have a meal?


Rice and cooked wheaten food are main food in China.I wanna know what is the main food in your country when you have a meal?




There are several main foods now that we eat from different countries. Chicken and potatoes is common for our family, pasta and chicken, and rice and curry or sweet and sour sauce is one of our favourite foods. I suggest you put a 'the' in front of main foods and use want to rather than wanna, as this is a slang word :) all the best Gillian


Thank you very much!^_^


I personally love rice with many things, though my mum doesn't. In the past the main food here was potatoes to have with our food or meat, and there was no rice or pasta. But now we like lots of foods including pizza and other foods from around the world :)

My answer would be quite similar to Gillian's. Potatoes with brown sauce, pasta with tomato sauce, noodles and rice with chicken and sweet and sour sauce are foods that we eat quite often.

Usually chicken, lamb, fish or beef with rice and a salad on the side I think, though that could just be my family.

In India cooked rice, Dal and roti is must and should. We have plenty of all kind of vegetables and leafy vegitables with Rice.


I read that nearly all people over the world  eat rice! Interesting... I think I will start a business in paddy fields and I'll surely make a lot of money :)


In Italy, in general, we usually eat pasta with fresh tomato sauce and basil or "ragù" (meat sauce) and grilled beef of chicken with salad.

Then every region (we have 21) has its particular recipes. For example in Tuscana they have "Cacciucco", a tasty fish soup; in Liguria they eat "Focaccia", a flat bread with salt and olive oil; in Lazio there is "Coda alla vaccinara", roast beef with vegetables. I live in Piemonte and we have "Polenta" and "Agnolotti". The first is like a porridge cornmeal which could be combined with meat or vegetable sauce; and the second dish is filled fresh pasta. Very yummy :)



I really like to realize the food culture all over the world!Thank you all to answer this question for me!I hope I could tralve the whole world and taste food there in the future~haha~I want to share some Chinese food with you,of course not taste the food,I just type some sentences here.

China is divided into East,West,North and South in the diet.Each direction has it's own characteristic.Northen Chinese like eat rice,southen Chinese like cooked wheaten food.It's just one of characteristics.In diet Chinese people like to use anything they can think of ingredients.For example,Bamboo is used in people to a variety of dishes.Fried bamboo shoots and bamboo shoots soup are the best cooks in spring.Bamboo rice is one our favourate food.We put rice and meat in it and put them over the fire.There is a kind of bamboo fragrance in the rice and meat.Bamboo leaves are used by making Zongzi(a traditional food in Dragon boat festival in China).Chinese people will never give up any kind of food,they try thier best to cook.

My English not very good.I hope you can understand what I wrout.^_^

i'm from indonesia. rice is its main food, also with meat or vegetable alongside.

cassava is considered as main food also, if there's no rice in the mean time.


indonesian food vary from provinces (ethnicity).

let's say Sunda ethnic has their own unique food called Sundanese cuisine, consists of fish with lots of variation in spices, satay, chicken, grilled rice, and many mroe.

Another ethnic like Manado known with their spiciness and their unique cuisine, for example woku fish (in indonesia : ikan woku), cakalang fish noodle (in indonesia : mi ikan cakalang)

Padang has their own variaty of food, maybe you know about rendang, it's from Padang ethnicity and also Padang is a region.


Bruce,what you tell me it's interesting!It's the first time I heart food groups in America.

If we eat at the Fast Food restaurants you can call them.

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