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what makes people interested in others' language?

what makes people interested in others' language?



When you learn some language you also learn about culture of country where that language is spoken.You understand way of life of that people. Besides it learning languages is fun.

Different reasons for different people :) study, work, fun are the most common. Otherwise is great to know more about other culture, includes different perspectives...


The curiosity, the impression you get from a language you heard normally attract us to learn language. For example I learnt Spanish because I like to hear interview of one my favorite racer, Dani Pedrosa and I was so curious to know and understand what he talked about without needed to see subtitle. Or I learn Russian because It sounds beautiful in my ears.


So, different motivations could encourage you to learn languages 

I think that it is interesting when you are learning a new language, because you will be able to speak with people of other  countries and you can also know their culture. It is an interesting way to know the culture and you can find new friends.

You can chat with a foreigner.

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