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Skype group for people just starting to learn Chinese and Chinese tutors.

Come join us in our Skype group and use our free lessons and get free help from Chinese tutors.


Leave a message if you want to join.



I am willing to join the group. How to do it ? And why can't I see your previous post ?

Hi Matt. Please let me join in it~

I'd love to join your skype group! but I can't find your old post either, so I can't find your videos either.

italki sometimes remove my posts and sometimes don't. As they don't give any reason and keep some online, I don't know why some get removed.


I'll message you all details of how to join.

yes!.. finally am the member of that group... :-) - feeling glad

Hey Matt, I shall be very glad to join you so to improves my Mandarin. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

I'm in!I could teach Chinese there!

At the moment there are 4 learners and 7 tutors with some yet to add me on Skype.

i"m Glad to Join the group and Love the way you teach :)


Hi, I'm interested in joining.

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