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what do you know about China?

i want to know what do other country'S people think about China! LOL!!!



Big population and hard working people. There are lots of blocked websites. And recently, they ban the Ramadhan there. SMH 

I know that is the most populated country in the world ,but bit is live in china?

In Colombia we think that is the most contaminated country in the world. Much work for little pay, almost a slave system. :)

Over-population society, over-polluted air and hard-working for shabby life.


In the near future China will be the powerhouse of the world.


We should all learn Mandarin. 


As a chinese, I know China has always been seeking for a way to solve problems since many countries raped China before WW1. Nowadays still shall seek the way to solve it. Especially rejected many famous scholars beside Marx like the policy of population if we know Thomas Robert Malthus then would not execute the policy of one kid. At least, the theory of Thomas Robert Malthus inspire something.

Foreigners think chinese work hard we think they are lazy but why do they keep high quality of life?

I think an example like a company the more they produce the more deficit.

We dont know what is going on actually, especially chinese go to work at the same time

there are many thing running that different live randomly as we have night market before.

And if many things are planed by government that it may not know what is needed exactly that may make a black hole of money instead.

So hope china can find a way to seek the cause inside to solve the problems as they wish

Sometimes I feel chinese change idea that may make different to solve it.


I like Chinese, they are hard worker and at the same time they are kind in selling as here in Egypt, they are many chinese sellers, also I respect that their country has tough rules because this in my opinion decrease the number of crimes.


I reckon it is true that most Chinese are industrious and hard-working, but there is question haunting me all along: are they willing to work so hard or they have to work so hard to sustain the least living standard? 

I think it′s very big country, as tv says, people work a lot, have not many rights. It′s a very high-technologic country (even if some time before in Russia′d been got a lot of low quality things from China). 


But I think in China there is another life. Very great and beautiful temples, pagodas, gardens and parks.  And amasing culture, myths and legends, religion.


I′ve never been there, but think people are quite social, but express emotions very expressive (at least girls as I saw)), polite.


I hardly undestand, how such "averaging" people by goverment and full inner world of peoples combine...


It's a huge country, they have communism and death penalty for using or selling drugs. And I've heard they do not have access to Youtube. Is that true?

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