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日本語能力試験・・・2級! Japanese Language Proficiency Test: Level 2

Hey guys!

I made this topic with a list of my bookmarks. Check my Profile, for a really REALLY good guide on JLPT2 grammar. Its based off my green grammar book that my teacher is making me study... hehe.

Here are some bookmarks I use for reading and learning japanese:

英語・語学書の総合出版社、アルクが運営する語学学習サイト。英語をはじめ各国語の学習・教材情報が満載!留学関連情報、英語力を生かした就職情報なども充実しています。 - Dictionary Translation Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Kanji/Hanzi
Move the mouse over the word you want to lookup!




Aozora Bunko is:

Charles Kelly Japanese things (neat PC things about Japanese):

Previous JLPT 1,2,3, and 4 exams:

Neat quiz for 語彙 vocabulary practice:

NHK radio news, with four broadcasts every day. You can even choose the speed to listen to.

Heres a website i found with a lot of good links. I found some good stuff  like the translation of "Final Fantasy", and a good 2kyuu reading website:

2 kyuu Dokkai Reading Blog. (Has Listening part too, so u can listen and test yourself). Found this today, seems awesome


Japanese Grammar Reference Site (Really good if you are studying and need to look up a grammer)

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