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do you prefer globalization culture or local culture ?

do you prefer golbalization culture of local culture,and i mean golbalization culture in real meaningGlobalization in one direction (publish Amrican culturea in all Daily behaviors,arts,fashion..ect) 



hi Yara, my name is Sergio and i am from spain, i have seen your discussion and in my opinion globalization has lots of adavantages, however there are many disadvantages, since thanls to it, we can know all the countries of the world, in contrast, the local culture of the country is losing, for example if we go to spain, london, even egypt, we could eat different type of food but you can see that in every country there are burger king, mac donald, etc it is due to the globalization.

Nice to meet you and i hope your answer.


Hi Yara! I think that both are very important and we can learn a lot from them, but my opinion is that global culture is better, it makes you open your mind and understand many things that happens in our world and why they happen.

Nowadays thanks to internet we can get this information super fast and quick. 

It is hard to answer I even dont know where am I in the map of the question.

But I think no country can accept all, those can be accepted perhaps reflect from local interest.

Sometimes, if you understand self culture deeply, perhaps that is not a local culture.


Hi, Yara. I think it′s not good ′cause it deletes all limits, so individuality disappears. everybody and every groupe wants to be individual. I think, it doesn′t interfere communication, if everybody knows who he is, and what he whants - he better communicates, i think.


′cause, if travelling be simplier, it′ll be better))

sorry, "of course if travelling..."

I perfer golbalization culture .

It's a bit hard to answer. I think in some cases globalization is good, but in the other hand I think the diffrences make the world interesting. I don't like to wear an uniform all the time!!

In my opinion, Globalisation is the death of everything. Just think about a world where everyone is speaking the same language, eating the same stuff, has no own culture at all and is being controlled by corrupt capitalists in the parliaments of some unions like the UNO and EU. If we do not have our own culture, we will be kind of mindless zombies. Our ancestors often fought for our cultures and now we shall throw it all away? In a globalised world, it would mean that we shall have to get rid even of our religions, which make our places special, otherwise you cannot put all cultures together because of too different views. But I will not do this and will not take my religion away. Also globalisation cannot work functionally, especially between cultures, which were always at war with each other and still hate each other today. All the nations own foods would be also gone. I cannot eat chinese food anymore. Just some deadly chemical mix of some one-world government and companies. Especially the people in Europe have enough of all this globalisation crap. Because of globalisation, thats why we had this huge financial breakdown in 2008. And who had to pay for this monstruous idea? We, the normal people. Not the ones which were really responsible for this. Globalisation is just existing, because a few people are hungering for total world power and they know they cannot do this with war like in the old days, but with opening all borderlines, destroy cultures and allow companies to enslave people worldwide and build corrupt dictatorship governments like the EU.


It really doesn't matter. Globalization is an objective process and it can't be avoided no matter what we want or prefer. So our nearest future is a global culture ornamented with local culture features.

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