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How do I get more students on italki to book lessons with me? Thoughts?


How do I get more students on italki to book lessons with me? Thoughts? It's a little iffy, but I try to post as much as I can. I wrote an article on italki, but I'm still waiting for it to be publishe. Hopefully that helps. Anyway, just wanna share my article on The Epoch Times:




There was a similar discussion recently:


From looking at your profile, I think you need to be more realistic in terms of pricing.  I have a MEd in TESOL and 5 years of experience and do not charge over 160 ITC for any of my lessons.  


Your Oxford Placement results show that you are not a native speaker of English.  Though you have a certificate, you have less than a year of teaching experience.  In your short introduction, you said you have been teaching online for 'quite awhile now' which is a bit misleading.


Teaching on italki is very competitive.  Try looking through other teaching profiles to get more ideas.  However, the first thing to address is honesty and fairness in pricing.




Hi Thaddeus, thanks for your input. :-)


Actually, in terms of the OOPT results, as you can see for the first part, the result was C2-- advanced. For the second part, when I took the listening part, there was a major glitch and I could not hear the last 5 questions. Even so, I was still able to get a C1 for that part.  


Another thing is I have been teaching English for well over 5 years even without the certificate. I have four years experience tutoring (one on one) back in college and a year teaching online.


I know how competitive it is, but at the same time, I can't really lower the prices drastically as I have a business background. I currently have an MBA and I feel that this really helps a lot in terms of teaching Business English which is different from general or conversational English.  I did browse some profiles and I've seen a bunch of English teachers who are charging was more than you and I. 


Thaddeus, do you only offer audio classes on skype? Or is the price you are charging includes a video class as well? Again, thanks a lot for your input. I really appericiate that.


way* more


Any product or service is only worth as much as people will pay.  Of course you can charge however much you want, but if you are looking for more students and the problem is clearly not demand (given that many students are booking lessons with other teachers every day), I think that price is the only thing left to consider.  By the way, this is one of the things that italki recommends to new teachers.  You can see their suggestions at:


If there was a glitch in your placement test, I suggest removing the badge from your profile.  Since your profile includes English as your native language, the badge seems inconsistent.


Again, as far as teaching experience is concerned, all that I (or any potential) student knows is what is listed in the 'Work Experience' area of your profile.  Now, the only work experience relevant to teaching English is the first item, which reads, "Online English Teacher / Tutoring Platforms / 2014-present".  If you have more experience as an English teacher, be sure to include it in your profile.




Hi Thaddeus, yeah I thought about adding that -- but that was years ago when I was still in college. I guess I'll just add it in. Anyway, you were right about that badge -- that glitch screwed me over. I actually took the test again (just now) because I obviously don't want students to think that I am not a credible English teacher. It went well this time and I received a C2 -- advanced. I'll wait for it to be activated on my profile.


In terms of pricing, I lowered it (but not drastically). I will not low-ball myself but at the same time (you are absolutely right), students deserve fair pricing. Also, I think another factor that I am struggling with is my schedule. I can only offer a few hours a day since I work full time. On top of that, I also teach in two other different platforms, so my available times are so limited. Any thoughts? Thanks for your help. I really appreciate that.


I noticed the updates to your profile and I hope that you will have greater success finding students.  Availability is another good point.  I also struggle with this as I do not open hours during the weekends.  I am actually working on finding a way to communicate to potential students that I will consider times outside of my usual availability on a case-by-case basis.  Unfortunately, I think this is too complicated to clearly communicate...


As I have only recently started to teach through italki as well, it would be helpful to hear from more seasoned italki teachers.  Unfortunately, many of them do not seem very active on other areas of the community.


Also, you had asked about audio vs. video lessons.  I also teach outside of italki and I have used Adobe Connect, Blackboard Collaborate, and Facetime.  On all platforms, technical problems and connection quality concerns are much more likely to occur when using video.  While I use a wired cable connection, I have no control over my students' connections.  Actually, I have found that many students like to have lessons through Skype on their mobile devices, meaning that WIFI latency and interference is inevitable.  So, it is mainly for practical reasons why I do not use video in my lessons.


However, I have also found that when I cannot see the student, I am more focused on what I hear and am much more likely to catch a mistake and provide a correction.  Also, students may be much less likely to be distracted by whatever they see (I am a teacher, not a model).


I hope that some experienced teachers will chime in eventually ;)


I know what you mean in regards to audio vs. video lessons. My internet becomes radically slower during video classes especially when my student's connection is extremely slow, but I normally would let the stduent know that I will turn off my video to take care of it. I mentioned earlier that I use two other platforms, and aside from these platforms, I teach in an actual online school. In my experience with the platforms and the online school, offering video lessons are far more popular  (and it's a requirement for the online school) than audio classes as my students would like to see the way I open my mouth when I'm teaching them. 


Students also prefer if you send them a copy of the skype classes via callnote and dropox. I will start offering that in italki as well. I'm not really worried about making money on here as I get paid higher in other platforms and I already have a student base. The online school gives you students all the time too, but it would be nice to have a student base on italki as well. I realized though that italki is so much more competitive -- considering there are about 2k+ tutors offering English lessons. The chance of getting picked is so slim. :-( In any event, I really really appreciate your feedback and inputs. I'm just waiting for my new OOPT score to be updated. Lol. Thanks so much Thaddeus. You are so helpful.

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