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What are the steps that can i follow to be native in English?



Naturally learning any language is start from listening and reading, after that these two skills makes you able to speak and write. so start listening and reading, Talk as much as you can with your language partner (it will be best if he or she is native) Here I recommends you few sites, which will be very helpful for you..:) Good Luck!

You cannot become a native English speaker, no matter how good you become in this language. Native means you are "born" English or raised in an English environment, so that as a child you could speak English fluently. 

Native speakers are not necessarily excellent in their langauge proficiency. A kid or a person with less education background may not pass even a B2 language exam.


I agree with Steveh and Nacir... and I add don't matter how many certificates we have and if we speak better than natives or even if we teach that language...Never will be our native language because isn't the language we learned in childhood :) Some persons never learned how write because don't had the opportunity to go in school and just know speak at that persons are more natives than someone with certificate and expert in the language.

Steveh, so to become a native speaker, one has to be born again? :)


@Nacir - I think you have either misread steveh's response or are just trolling.

Best advice I can give you as an English teacher... use it every day and don't worrie about "sounding like a native". Try to learn new words you come across in every day conversations. Don't worrie about learning big or fancy words no one uses... you will learn them in time.


It takes YEARS! 7, 10, a life time... don't let it get you down... just keep at it!



I don't believe you can be a native English speaker, even they make mistakes but you can have a good level in English, to become fluent in a language, it's difficult when you don't live in the country where English is used, in my case, I believe to watch videos , you will be fluent

Nacir, I think your English is so advanced that not even native English speakers understand you sometimes! 


The smiley face :) that Nacir put at the end of his sentence denotes a joke. 


Your joke made me chuckle Nacir. I'll make sure to birth myself over again for any language that I want to magically become native in! I'll go to a re-birthing seminar! ha ha ha. I bet no one realized that that particular therapy could help you learn a new language from scratch. I know a re-birthing therapist who I'm going to have to tell that to! She'll make millions! :D


Steve doesn't put smileys after his sarcasm which makes his writing some of the dryest and most amusing on all of Italki! You are just too funny Steve! 


Thank you guys for lighting up my evening. 

I would say that definitions are not worth arguing about here - as I argue about the definition. Her obvious meaning is to become highly proficient and many language companies/schools market the "speak like a native" angle, and as a teacher, students are often worried about sounding like a native or becoming "native"... Get over the word and move on.


I'm a religious person and I don't though religious argument the phrase "born again"

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