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What do you say about If I start teaching English as a Community Teacher.

Hello everyone, what do you say about my English level, I want to teach basics up to intermediat level for sake of my own improvement, So I want to be a Community Teacher...:)


What do you say about it? Please post your valuable comments wheather its positive or negetive. I don't mind any negetive comments..:)





Sorry if you don't like my opinion but some of native English speakers couldn't answer my questions. So, I don't know how could you teach English. Unless you just want to teach A1 or A2 level. 

@ Sir Bruce, Thanks for encourging me sir, I have lot of material relating to English language, just it need to be organize it, Thanks a lot for your offer, definitely I will tell you If I need any help.



@ Comadante Actually I will start teching to the beginners from Egypt, Russia, Spain Italy and etc.

No need to say sorry, I already cited I will mind any negetive comments.

Ohh! really you ask difficult question?...:) You can ask me any question any time  I will try my best to answer you..:)


It's a very good thought. Go ahead as the famous proverb which says " The journey of thousand miles just begin with one step".

Btw I wish you all the best..

@ tri with I..:)


Thanks for encourgement ...:)


It depends Awais.  Do you have any teaching skills?

Yes madam I have an experience, I already taugt IT courses


Hi Awais,


As far as I'm concerned, it's all good. Just be honest to your students about your own level.


My only real concern is that, by teaching people below your level, you might have less time to improve your own skills.  I've given some of my colleagues English lessons, even though they were at a high level, simply because they were constantly teaching basic English and they felt that they weren't improving themselves.


Either way, good luck.

@ Sir Pechey

Thanks for your comments

You are right sir, definitely my students should know about my level, My aim of teaching is grip on my own basics.


As far as time concern I am unemployed, looking for job so with this I can manage teaching and my own learning.


Let see what happens...:)

@ Sir Pechey


Moreover, If I need any help or I feel any difficulty in any question, I can ask from you, hopefully you will help me..:)


Awais, I am a firm believer that you can do whatever you want as long as you put your mind into it. As long as you specify in the courses that you will offer that you will be teaching beginners, then I don't see why not. 

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