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Do you consider Fus'ha to be your native or second language?

That's my question :D



I never think about it as a second language so I consider it as my native language.

It's our Native language used for formal language in schools, colleges ,universities ,govermental establishments , the slang still used just among people in informal 


I make grammatical mistakes, but I can understand it easily when it's written or spoken. So, it's my native language, I think :D 

I certainly don't consider it to be my native language, as I did no grow up knowing how to speak it. I don't consider it as my second language since it is not that different from what I speak. So it's something between both I guess.


My native language is Arabic[MSA], and I do speak other accents on. It's something normal even accents stay Arabic. Example of Mandarin Chinese, even the many dialects there in China, they say Mandarin Chinese is my native language, and local language is something we use between us in our daily life with no respect of rules. French too - such pronunciation, and expressions which are incorrectly to say in the Standard French ( français courant)-

Извиняюсь, за то, что влез в тему :D.

Как можно считать родным языком, язык, который начинаешь изучать только в школе?

То есть, в достаточно позднем возрасте.

В Египте, например, его изучают долгие 11 лет (в школах), но и это не гарантирует, что все выпускники свободно им владеют. Там добрая половина населения вообще отказываются его понимать, хоть ты тресни :D. Проверено личным опытом.

Подозреваю, что и в других странах ситуация примерно такая же.

Я бы сравнил язык MSA с лингва франка. Такая наддиалектная форма, которая понятна всем, но ни для кого не являющаяся родной.


If I can just add some definitions to make some of this clearer:


Native language: The dictionary gives us: the language that a person acquires in earliest childhood; also, the primary language of a community; also called primary language, mother tongue.

By this definition MSA is not anyone's native language (which is not to say you don't understand or produce it fluently, or that it isn't your co-native language, merely to say it doesn't meet the criteria of primary language...basically what Oussama said) but is used ubiquitously because of the diglossic nature of Arabic and the quasi-lingua franca status of MSA. 


Slang: informal speech, usually characteristic of a particular subgroup.  For example, you can have Lebanese slang, but not all Lebanese Arabic is slang.  There are formal registers (formality levels) in colloquial Arabics as well, and by definition slang doesn't have those.


Accent: Only how you pronounce a word.  Accent refers only to the sounds that come out of your mouth and not to your grammar or words.


Also, all languages and dialects have rules, whether they conform to the rules of the standard or not.  In China many of the languages are not just dialects of Mandarin but are entirely separate languages.  In any case, from a linguistic point of view, there is no such thing as a language or dialect without rules.


Finally, as a speaker of Canadian and European French I can assure there's no one universally agreed upon "correct French" and words, pronunciations, and grammar that are completely acceptable in Canadian French may not be in European French and vice-versa.

i like Fosha it's my native language

Like Oussama, I didn't grow up learning it (and I think no one in the Arab world does since a mother tongue is what you speak on a daily basis at home), not even at school like all kids in Arabic-speaking countires do. But it is definitly not a second language to me, I don't feel the same way about it as I do about English or any other language I've been learning. So my answer is the same as Oussama: it's not a native nor a second language but somewhere in between since I speak a dialect. 

If it's not our native language ( Arabic countries ) , so Arabic is for who ?


But we don't use it in our daily speech that's not positive , the cause maybe historical reasons , colonialism ...etc ..


For me , Arabic MSA and any dialect derived from it , is our native language of course .

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