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Why is Russian so difficult?


I'm aware that Russian is quite a difficult language to learn however I want to know why. I have only recently started learning (barely 2 weeks) and so far I know that there are no articles and that the gender can usually be identified by the ending, and that the word order is quite flexible, which all seems quite good for a learner. I also have picked up the alphabet fairly easily. So what horrible difficulties will come my way? :P


I don't want to put myself off but I'm just interested to find out why it is so difficult.



Come on, China has an old saying there is a way.


I wasn't complaining. I was saying I hadn't found out yet what was difficult about it, but thanks for your encouragement. 

I have just started Russian and it has also been quite a smooth journey so far. But it seems like grammar would be much more complicated than English. You have got 6 grammatical cases and 2 verb aspects - which currently I have no idea what they are about though haha. Good luck in learning it!


I think the most difficult topic in Russian it's orthography)

also in russian there are a lot of words which have the same pronuciation but meaning is totaly different

Two of the major challenges in learning Russian have been mentioned by Kenneth: (1) grammatical cases, and (2) verbal aspects.  Russian shows the relationship of the words in the sentence largely by the use of case endings, not word order.  That is, the endings of words change according to the word's function in the sentence, such as subject, direct object, indirect object, etc.  Verbal aspects refers to the fact that there are very often two different words which have the same general meaning, but one is used when the action is repetitive or in process, and the other is used only when the action has been completed.


But lurking out there is a third challenge:  Russian prefixes.  Russians take a root, and then create other meanings and nuances by adding a myriad of prefixes to the root.  For the non-native, it's really easy to choose the wrong prefix.


Russian is of middling difficulty for native English speakers. It's harder than the romance languages but less alien than say Chinese or Japanese.


As others have hinted, the grammar is quite complex. Cases and verbals apect have been mentioned. Also the so-called verbs of motion are complicated in their usage. But in reality all this means is that you have to work at it a bit longer before it becomes second nature. Having said all that I think Russian's repuation is more fearsome than the reality.


Enjoy the language, people and culture, you will love learning Russian!


It will become hard when you start to deal with abstract topics. Concrete ones are in general fairly easy and russians are excellent in trying to understand your free-of-grammar pidgin scentences. It’s like russian culture – dynamic: it’s a rather easy and very hard language to master at the same time…


Thanks I think I understand the challenges a bit better. 

If anyone is able to show an example that'd be helpful but I guess I'll be finding out on my own soon.


well i've been using Michel thomas and memrise but i've ordered the new penguin Russian course, which I remember seeing my friends at university using when they were starting with Russian.


Using of the case system and free
sentence word order makes Russian a very expressive language.On the other hand,if you're not perfect in the case system you can have hard time telling if it is Sasha gave the book to Natasha or the other way around.Word stress can also be a matter of difficulty.Nevertheless,I think,openinig the way to the brilliant Russian literature is worth all the effort

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