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Interessting ways of learning Korean.

So i've been learning Korean for nearly a year now and i'm having trouble keeping on top of it. I find myself learning in bursts, sometimes learning it for a few weeks and then finding myself not even touching my Korean folder for months or even learning Korean at all. I guess it's just because i'm studying the same way all the time (By printing a page, highlighting it and then writing a overlook/review in a notebook for future reference)

My method seems very continuous and boring, I want to be more dedicated to my Korean and since I have 4 weeks of school there is plenty of time to study. So i'm wondering if anyone has any fun/easy tips or ways of they learn Korean or languages in general.




I know i'm not much of an authority here, but here goes. I went through, what you are going through. I'm actually a beginner in Korean. But I started over a year ago, then stopped because of University and committing to a work/ study balance. 

Are you bored of studying? what's your goal? What made you want to start learning Korean? What do you want to learn in Korean?

I think the last question is the most important! I don't know what your learning, or your level. All i know is that if your not learning words you need, then your wasting your time. I mean, not in a bad way, its just it could be more productive if you focus on vocab, grammar and expressions that are going to be useful to you in everyday life. 

So I would focus on the areas you want to learn. For me, i'm basically rejecting reading and writing. I know how to do it, sure i'm slow. But its more important to be able to listen and speak than anything else. IMO

Hope this helps. I mean, if your learning stuff that is relevant to you, either career wise or personal, then its always going to be interesting. ^^ good luck. 



Thanks for input, those questions actually made me think a lot. I mean i'm learning the structures and rules before I really start adding grammar / vocab so when it does come to making sentences I know how the sentence will be formed. But I guess by doing that i'm not really emerging myself in the language nor the vocab, if I incorperate them together; it actually help my learning.

My goal is to be able to visit or even live in Korea and be able talk to Koreans in their native language, i'd love to vist Korea someday and learn about the culture and history, it's just a passion of mine that I think is unique to others. But I feel like I have a connection with hangul, I can easily remember Korean and I feel like Korea is for me.

Would you like to be language partners and help each other with Korean?

I read magazines and manhwa to keep me entertain while learning new words in Korean. I also watch k-dramas and listen to k-pop. The most important is speaking and listening because you will retain the information more and when comes to the writing part you will understand it better. 

Thanks for the advise! I listen to Korean music and that is a really great way of listening out for words.

I have a Korean newspaper and one section advertises apartments near train stations and from watching fun videos about Korea I now know that "APARTMENT" in Korean "아파트" and I think station is "역"

Does anyone know how to make flashcards fun?

What I do is I either take pictures or cut them out in newspapers or magazines associated with the word. I put my favorite Korean idols next to the picture and behind the flash card with the word. Fun and creative way to remember my words. 

Thanks for the tips! Sometimes flashcards are not the most fun thing to do, but I wil try your method and see if it works for me. I just want to know do you focus on a certain topic, learn the words and move onto another topic or do you just learn whatever words you see?

I do a certain topic and I have words, verbs, and sentences associated with that topic. After that I move to the next topic. This week topic Beauty, next week family, and the following school, etc. etc. 

This helps me learn words and force myself to learn the different politeness levels within each word that I write. has a variety of materials that you may find more interesting.  Personally, it was impossible for me to learn Korean outside of Korea.  I am not interested in Korean pop culture so it was difficult to find resources that interested me.


If you have a passion for learning Korea and visiting Korea, it is very easy.  English teachers are in high demand there and the pay is great.  All you need is a certificate such as a CELTA and then you can learn through immersion.

It makes me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one experiencing this :) I've been studying for about two months and I've done the same thing: kept a notebook to study with and make flashcards of things I feel are really important. I also like to look up certain words or phrases in my favorite kpop songs (and those are the ones I know the best!). I agree with everyone else when they say that the conversational aspect is the most important and probably the best way to remember everything. If you aren't already, say everything you're studying out loud. Maybe even create your own conversation and say it to yourself in the mirror? Crazy, I know! But that's how I passed my Spanish speaking assesments in school.

I'd love to know if you find anything else helpful! :)

Thank you so much for your ideas! And if find ways of learning I will definatley share them with you.

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