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Learning Article : How To Use A Mind Map To Improve Your Vocabulary


Discuss the Article : How To Use A Mind Map To Improve Your Vocabulary

How To Use A Mind Map To Improve Your Vocabulary

Do you find it hard to memorize lists of words and phrases in large amounts? Deploy the use of a mind map, an invaluable tool that will help you organize vocabulary words, to-do lists and multiple processes in a quick and efficient manner…





Yup I often have trouble in memorizing vocabulary.. Will have a quick look..


thanks Ilene Springer

Hi, thanks for sharing tips.

I truly find it hard to memory the new words, my essay at class is often recommended that using words poorly. How can I do to improve my writing skill?

In my opinion:

The list of animals could have been learnt more easily with pictures ! May be they should have conducted more experiments, one with just a list, the other with pictures and the thrid with a mind map etc. 

I am not sure if you can use mind map for language learning. You will be thinking about how to create a mind map. The mind map will increase in size with time. The actual map should be in the mind and not on the paper. Mind map can act as a reference as long as you haven't learnt anything.

Suppose you want to learn three forms of a verb. You can easily write these in the mind map, but a better method of learning is to learn the sentences from practical situations, dialogues, movies etc.

As language learning involves listening and speaking, mind map cannot be used here.

Hi there!


I completely agree that mind maps are a great way to memorize vocabulary, especially when the mind map is enriched with lots of colors, icons and images. I actually recently stumbled onto another article with the same topic, where I found a pretty cool mind map for German food vocabulary - you can check it out here:


(And here is the link to the article, in case you're interested:





Thank you!

Very usuful article, Thanks alot .


Thanks for sharing this; it is really useful! I will definitely give this a try.

Thanks a million for sharing

Thank you ! Will start using mind map right away :)


Great article Ilene Springer! This is very useful! :-)

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