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Slow songs for learning Japanese

Can someone recommend me some slow songs which can help me learning Japanese. Also if you can tell me for some cartoons where they speak slowly or some movie, I will be really grateful. :)



first love by 宇多田ヒカル

you can check up karaoke version



Hi Kiki, try my favorites ;)





Didi-san, I like that song. How is name of singer in Roomaji, I would like to find some of her songs with English subtitle?

Kobinata Reiko-san, it is funny. Arigatou gozaimasu. Are there some full episodes with English subtitle?

Kumiko-san thank you. Second song is nice, can you tell me name of singer. And first I could not open because it is not available in my country. :(

Every Heart By Boa


It has Japanese Vesion and English Version

Thank you Doris! :)

Do you know how to read and write japanese characters?

宇多田    ヒカル

u ta da  hikaru


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