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Where would you like to travel?

Hi friends of italki!

Today I wanna know, where would you like to travel? Everyone have one dream place.

In my case, my dream is to travel to Ireland. I love the landscapes and history off that country! Of course I want to go and stay one month, but for me is very expensive so rigth now I'm saving money, so I think in about two years, maybe, I will make my dream come true.


What about you?


See ya! =)



Hi maria ..i would like to travel to many places ..i like to take around the world most place in the middle east ..lebnan ,to meet lebanise and learn there wonderful accent ...china and japan , to deal with them and know about there culture and traditionals ....countries of africa ,to see and watch the strange places ... America ,canada .Uk,paris ..Rome .. So one day i will be able to do it  ..of course i will :)


Dream place, huh? Boy I have lots.


Number one on my list would be China. =)

It's the land of my ancestors after all and it's just filled with history and rich culture.


Will write more next time. ^^

Hello Maria, I have the fortune to travel once a year, I'm from Guatemala and I had traveled to Mexico DF, Roatan, Costa Rica, Miami, Cancun an this year I´m going to Colombia. But as an architect I want to visit an even be a part of a country in which the architecture has to be spectacular! and I think that the region is de Middle East, specially Quatar or Dubai, the buildings in that places are really Amazing!!. but is also quite expensive; So I'm saving money for that trip too..


Greetings from Guatemala

Hi Maria.

I hope your dream will soon come true. And my dream is to trave to the Netherlands. Because I love the tulip fields and windmills. 

I will try to make my dream come true ^_^

I've always eagered to visit frontier areas of China like Mongolia, Xinjiang, Tibet.... Those places have gorgeous nature sceneries and mysterious stories which really arouse my interest:D And it'll be fantastic to experience the local lifestyle there, something like riding a camel in a vast dessert, eating traditional food, listening to tribal music.....^^


And at last, wish your dream come true!


It's really good to see plenty of future travelers!!! Thank you for all your comments! 


Of course, if anyone wants to meet Argentina, already have a tour guide that will help with much joy!



Spain. Quiero practicar mi castellano con hispanohablantes y creo que Madrid es una ciudad hermosa.

Great question, Maria Eugenia! I actually just got back from Ireland (and the United Kingdom) last month. It was one of my life-long dreams to go there. I loved it, so I'm sure you would too. I have been to Canada and Mexico, but it was the first time I had been to another continent. I also want to go to Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Australia, New Zeland, and many other countries!


!Perfecta pregunta, Maria Eugenia! Actualmente, ahorita llegue' de irlandia (y el reino unido) el mes pasado. Fue une de mis suen~os de toda mi vida que ir alli'. Me encantaba, entonces estoy seguro que Uste'd la amaria tambie'n. He viajado a Ca'nada y Me'xico, pero esta fue la primera vez que he viajado a otro continente. Tambie'n quiero ir a espan~a, francia, italia, japo'n, australia, nueva zelanda, !y muchos otros paises!

Last year I dream of South/Latin America:) Starting from Chile (but not limiting to).
I don't know why a given country/language excites me at any given moment.
As it comes to Ireland...I have more than one reason to dream of Ireland and I had more that two reasons to chose Ireland at the univercity as my speciality, but then i remembered one good reason to change my profession and I don't know why, but I don't dream about traveling there:)

I would like to visit a lot of countries such as Argentina, Russia, Japan, Brazil, England and Australia. I like their culture, landscapes, meet new people.

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