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Scottish independence referendum, 2014

According to your perspective, is Scottland culturally separated with Britain? Should Scottland be an independent country? What could be the possible consequences shall Scottland be independent?



I havent heard before is it really ? If it is real ! I think this is more complex topic. there is a lot of subtitle evaluation. so this is not my interested topic. I am sorry :)


It's a difficult question. I'm sure for many foreigners they might not see much of a difference at first between them, but there are differences. Of course there are differences in regions too. Perhaps the north of England has more in common with the south of the Scotland in some ways than they both have with parts of their respective countries.


I think that's up to the people of Scotland. There are lots of reasons and its difficult to say. It's not entirely clear what it will be like when it's independent. If you make the argument that it will be better off economically one way or the other then that in itself isn't the end of it. Some nationalists wouldn't care about that as they'd want control of their own country. Likewise some unionists wouldn't care either. I'm not entirely sure what to vote. It's a difficult decision. I think the polls show a lead for staying in the UK.


The lawyers would love it if it broke up. I imagine it'd take decades to sort out. There's also the problem with shared institutions. I think a large percentage of Scots are in the military services. There are nuclear weapons stationed in Scotland. There's the question of whether Scotland will be in NATO or the EU. Scotlnd hasn't been independent in 300 years so we'd have to create all the institutions which nation states have.


As an outsider who has paid no attention at all, it seems to me that the world is progressing in the direction of more and more unification. The European Union looks durable. A decade ago my wife and I were surprised to find that not only is the border between Belgium and the Netherlands less visible than the border between the U.S. and Canada--it is less visible than the borders between U.S. states! 


And while I am well aware of Scotland's distinct culture and history, I can't believe that Scotland today is anywhere near as culturally separate from England as it was in the days when Scots were the only people who understood steam engines. 


The local bank in our neighborhood here in the U.S. is named "Citizens' Bank" (and runs emphasizing how cozy and local they are), but it is actually a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland! So Scotland is a multinational financial giant. (And the bank on the other corner is actually Canadian, and the one across from it is Spanish!)


There are always parts of the U.S. threatening to secede, e.g. some people in Northern California and Southern Oregon want to form a new state called Jefferson.


I think the tide of history is probably running against all such efforts.

The irony there, Dan, is that if Scotland were to secede, RBS would most probably relocate to England:

I personally believe that such demands arise due to real or percieved discrimination the ethnic or culturally different minorites feel. It is seldom about money. It is about the recognition of their distinct identity and a reasonable sharing of power in the united country.


If the government is able to make these people feel that their distinct identity will not be tempered with and all their genuine concerns will be addressed swiftly and they will have an equal say in matters specifically related to their culture or language, it would be much easier to handle such situations. Once that is taken care of, some genuine concerns related to equal opportunities in jobs/business will also arise. It is the job of the government to do the balancing act. We usually do not see these things simmering in advance, and when they erupt, in most cases the first reaction of the governments is to dismiss such demands with contempt. That is where situation can escalate. The governments should handle such situations with prudence. Wise governments will take precautionary measures and would not even let such situations simmer.



I hope in the case of UK, the government handles the situation deftly. If you cannot live together happily, before the peace gets disturbed too much it is better to make them peaceful neighbours rather than living together in the same house :) It has to be seen though that these demands are not coming from some vested interests/groups or are being fomented by outside forces. If there is no groundswell, vested interests cannot succeed.

Dan talks of almost invisible borders between USA & Canada or between Netherlands & Belgium. Such borders/arrangements are driven by common economic interests and one country not feeling any threat from another country. I beleive it is a very good thing. But it will be interesting to see how do these countries react if their economic interests clash and they feel threatened economically or otherwise due to open borders or open trade.

I guess we should wait the people's decision. I think we will see North Irish referendum in future.


I am half English, half Scottish, and the halves are very different.


I do not think Scotland will actually depart from 'Britain.' It will be close, but I think they will vote to stay. I think.


In Britain UKIP is gaining ground (the UK Independence Party). They want to split from Europe. By 'Europe' we mean the EU. Many think we should come out of the EU.


It's not that we don't like continental Europe - we simply want to claw back powers we seem to have lost to Brussels. We want our borders back. We want control. Or, at least, many of us do.


I think many European countries feel the same - that they should regain control.


How do you French and Germans and Portuguese and Italians feel?????

Bascically, there is some trend in this world these days.
The trend is said as Nationalizm.
Nationalizm can define as the idea that people can feel their identity as the part of Nations.
However,some people start to ask to themselves "What is the Our Nation?"
Then , as Nationalizm grow up , Micronationalizm also grow up in this world.
(In Spain and in Ukraine, same movement can be seen.)
Well, I am neither English people nor Scotish people.
(then I do not have any opinion for what they should decide.)
I cannot join the decision of this movement.
But, I can guess the conclusion of this movement.
The conclusion is Scotland would be part of Great Briain.
This is because the most part of this movement is created by media.
The global system after WW2 is still strong and still undercontrolled now.


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