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Finnish-spoken films

A good way of learning a language is by watching films and get the idea of how people commonly speak.

The purpouse of this thread is for you to recommend me and other finnish learners some films or videos to watch.

Kiitos, Jorge.



I've found this video.... Turun pääkirjasto documentariifilmi....

Unfortunately I don't have yet the needed to understand it.
Could you help me by translating it?

"And there you can see Aurajoki. And next our city tour continues to Turku's Main Library. I've made now beginning of this document a "knowing box"... Library's building finished at 1903. It was built and gived to Turku by "can't hear his name". It was planned by "can't hear his name" and its area is about 2900 m2. It remains Dutch late-renessans "whatever" ... Gotta go now, I'll try to continue later!!

Kiitos paljon Kamilla... I think there's a full text on the video's description...
Well...  Yeah.. If that's all you want.. :D

I don't want to bother you so much... if you think it's too much it's ok... the most I'm interested in is the ending.... it seems like the presentator got it wrong....

Hahaa it must be a joke... But when he asks that orange headed guy that "what do you like that Turku's library is so old?" and when the guy says that "well look behind you, there's the new library, the whole block is library", he is like "oh, whole block?" "look around you"... "And that's the new library?"  "yeah" ... "it's wonderful. It's great. It's unique.... Tell me Reksa, how many Turku Tutuksi-series the productionthing ordered from us?" " It was 40" "What do you think does our expert knowledge be enough to so many films?" "At least my six-pack are enough.. Should we go  inside to film too?" " There inside the library?" "Yeah" "But there's people.. Shut that camera down!"

Ha... yes I thought something like that...

I think the best of all is when he greets that guy "Terve!" ... "No, terve terve" and he looks like running away.
Haha yeah xD

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