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Unlimited Characters...

It just me or Italki has limited the number of characters that you can type in a message ? I was a bout to send a message and this comes out "Please enter between 10 and 2000 characters" If so, I think this is going in a wrong way. Don't you think so ?




This limitations sound fair. It stops members from far too little (one-word answers) and far too much. I'm not sure how many characters you think would be fair. Any suggestions?


Also, it's true that the best workaround is to post your longer comments in several parts, if you think it's necessary.


I happen to like the wake-up call that I've waffled on too much.

Thank you Bruce! That's a nice tip I haven't thought. But your'e talking about post and comments or Am I wrong ? and I mean to inbox messages, This had never happened to me before.


Thank you Peachey! But as I was saying to Bruce. I was talking about  inbox messages I had never had that character problem before even when I have written a long message with a considarable space between each paragraph. I totally agree with you on having an unlimited in our posts or answers but not on inbox messages.

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