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What would you choose: a big city or a cosy town?


There are so many wonderful, striking, opportunity promising cities, full of breathtaking architecture, entertainments, vivid night life and tiny, cosy, calm and charming towns, where people know each other, where life is captured in slow motion, where you feel safe and in pure harmony.


So what is your choice and why?



I would stay in a big city for several months, and then in a town for another some months. Just like this way.


Rcompass, thanks for your opinion. I agree that before making a final decision it's better to try to live for a while both in a big city and in a small town.

Do you have to choose between them in reality?


I do, actually, I was brought up in a tiny town where my parents live now, then I went to a big city -Gomel-to study at the University, since then I've been living in Gomel in a studio, though I'm thinking of moving to suburb now to provide better living environment for my future kids (spacious house, swimming pool, patio with green grass).


What's about you?

I am living in a small city, but I'd like to go abroad to experience something else.


cozy town.

I think any city with a population of 80,000 up to 300,000 is the best size. 

Not too big, not too small. 

I was born in Moscow ,which is a very big and "fast" city. I don't know other life . but it'd be a great experience to live some time in a charming ancient town without many people , noise and eternel speed))

Big city for live, cosy town for vacation and get some relaxing.

In big city anything you want, you will found it. and that not available in cosy town.

I live in a cozy town it's too hard to find work there is no variety in living and my dream is to live in a big city where there is work ,renewable life ,many places to go to

but I know if I live away my town sure I will miss it                      

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