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Have a conversation in English



So im starting a discussion because id like to find people to have live conversation with them. i want to take this step forward because its become very important for me to practice my skills and prononciation english.

I have a good understanding of english in general. I have no problem putting together sentence with the right conjugation and time. But my big issue is mostly with the prononciation. I dont speak that much so when I speak i have to find my word and that's start to become very frustrating.


I native language is french and i do think the prononciation from one language to another can be really difficult and i think from french to english, i can have so trouble to be well understood.


I read and write english every day. so its not hard for me but i really need to start talking.


I hope finding people over there will not be difficult . :)




Hi Marc! It's excellent that you are determined to practice your conversation fluency.... you know what they say: practice makes perfect. The more you practice speaking, the easier the words will flow. I'll be happy to help you practice your speaking skills anytime you want!

Nice. Really appreciate it.  In France its hard to have real conversation in english because most people dont really like english.

At school i wasnt really good because that didnt interest me at all. But when you start finding interest in something that take place in UK/US you have to find a way to learn. Personnally I choose to learn myself with an very intense passion for US sport. Watching game was my first way to understand people talking to each other.


So anytime if you want to have a conversation together, that would be a real pleasure. And also if you want to learn some french, i would be more than happy to give some tips :).


Hi Marc, your English is good as you said. But your sentences don't flow. You are thinking in individual words, and not in whole 'ideas' of what you want to say. If you want to Skype, just message me you can read in English, and you will learn fast.



Hi all, I face the same problem here, I can read and write very well but I've a really problem in speaking with others as I can't feel the words to flow and feel that I should to think about each word individually and search in my brain about the most proper word to use in the sentense ,any help ?


I can help you tame your accent. It's sort of like learning how to dance.


In my opinion, for most language learners, listening and speaking is the last one target to achieve probably becuase speaking or listening requires extraordinary speed to go through in contrast with writing or reading. I ever thought my reading was above average, not too bad , yet, till my first time sitting a formal English test I reckon my reading was not so good as I conceived. It is a good way to find your weakpoint and target on it by agency of formal language tests.


Whenever I want to seek words to make sentences, I know it is retarding my speaking which often suggests I am thinking in Chinese module. I know it is not supposed to be a good way to think, but yet, it is hard to overcome once in a while.

Hey, Marc! I could help you out. I recently picked up French again, and Spanish is my mother tongue. I've been speaking English for +10 years now.


Hi Marc!

Practicing is the best way to improve your pronounciation. You have here many people who are willing and able to help you . I really improved my English in exchanging on Skype with English native speakers.

I won't say that I'm fluent now but I feel more comfortable in English.

Bonne chance !

Salut, Marc. You said you write and read in English everyday. How about reading it out loud? That's what I do to learn my target language (which happens to be your native language!) everytime I finished writing a note. Also, listen to English being spoken over and over then try to repeat it. It will be like picking up songs ;)


I know what you mean. I recently started learning French and the pronunciation is really hard! I would be happy to help you out anytime. :)

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