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What are some of the classic French books or stories that I should read, once I learn French?


What are some of the classic French books or stories that I should read, once I learn French?



Aurélia by Gérard de Nerval. Candide by Voltaire. But you should have a good level to understand it.


Thanks I am hoping to get an English version and read this first then get a French version. I think it will help me to understand French and enjoy it


It would be good too, to know why these would be good to read and what you like about them.

Yep there is a version English for candide and also film.[Candide] Voltaire criticizes the philosophy of optimism in a way ironic. I liked his writing style.

Aurélia is an amazing novel. Gérard talks about a woman that he loves by unique words. First you should read his Bio.


Thanks XRIZz, having a film version will also help me. I reallylove reading and watching films. I will also look at the bios and anything related to any classcs. I will just choose one book though and film :)


Any other ideas? :)


Merci Maurine :) 


Any good French Artist stories that I can read online in French please ?

You can use Kindle by Amazon: on, there are a lot of classic novels that are for free (you can either download a program or read it online I believe, so you really don't have to pay for anything).

Here's the link


There are some that you might know already such as the Wuthering Heights (Les Hauts de Hurle-vent) and some others that are French versions of British/American novels. Most of them require a rather high level of French though.


For easier books, I suggest those for kids, such as "Le Petit Prince", the Harry Potter series, the novels by Roal Dahl.

There is a famous series of books in France, with two recent movies: "Le Petit Nicolas".

I remember reading books by Jules Verne too (which you can find for free on Amazon), and "L'Oeil du Loup" by Daniel Pennac.

Depending on what you like, I can also advise "L'enfant océan" or "La rivière à l'envers" , by Jean-Claude Mourlevat. (I also loved "Terrienne" and "Combat d'Hiver").

If you like them, you can look for Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie's work too ;)

Finally, if you like fantasy, I can also advise a few authors, but I think this is already quite a lot ;)


Merci beaucoup Aurélie pour vos suggestions:)

Thanks so much this is really helpful!

I was wondering if there any good stories about French painters or atisans? I am very interested in Art. Maybe short stories or histories online that are good for beginners?


I will look into your suggestions I plan to buy a bilingual little prince book as I have a grand daughter in France:)

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